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17 August 2004 @ 11:09 am
Weight Loss Strategy  
I know one of - if not my biggest weight loss set back is my need for peacefulness.

Over the years I have put my favourite TV shows with my favourite snack. At one point, my favourite snack was an entire bag of microwave popcorn and a large coke slurpee with chocolate chip mint icecream. BAD. REALLY REALLY BAD.

I finally kicked that habit and with just that alone, I got down to 130 before I got pregnant with Lilyanne. That was pretty darned good. It was low enough people actually felt okay asking if I had lost weight.

Then, because I was pregnant, I gained weight. Not much really, but enough that after I had her I only got down to 147 when I got pregnant with Zachary. Really, for the amount of months between them, that wasn't too bad. But, I had the same problem after Lilyanne and Zach as I did after Olivia. I still equated peacefulness with my favourite TV show and a snack.

I'm sure this was ingrained in me early in my life. Sunday tradition was always to watch Walt Disney with a big bowl of popcorn and fresh home-made fudge. When I was young it didn't matter that I ate like that. I never went above 100 pounds until I was pregnant with Jasmine. When I got to old for Disney movies, we played a lot of cards or board games on Sunday's and ALWAYS had cookies, or fudge, or divinity, or popcorn, or whatever. Hence, my feeling that I should be snacking on something when I sit down to play games with my kids.

Why a good TV show and a sugary snack is peaceful is beyond me - but it is. I like to have the house all clean, freshly vacuumed, the kids either in bed or settled in watching a movie in the other room and then I get my snack, sit down on the couch and just veg. I love reality TV.

But what is the cost of this habit. Too much weight. Difficulty losing weight. A constant craving for sweets.

So, I have to kick this habit. It's actually been about 6 days or so since I porked out on sweets. I have been doing really well. I've decided that I need to replace the bad habit with a good habit. That is what I did with smoking only it was replacing a bad habit (smoking while watching TV) with a bad habit (eating while watching TV).

So this is my plan - and I've already implemented some of it.

I will have a bottle of Crystal lite that I have partially frozen - because then it is slushy and more like a slurpee.

I will paint my toe nails and finger nails. I won't do this every day because I don't watch TV everyday.

On the days I decide not to paint my toe nails or fingernails I will work out during commercials.

I've been doing really well getting in a lot of exercise. I got up at 7 this morning and went out and weeded the garden for an hour and a half. That was good exercise because these were no ordinary weeds. Since I was pregnant for part of the summer and then was busy with a newborn - the weeds got to be - well - my height. No joke. I had to soak the garden for two days (remember we live on an acre and a half) so I could pull the big buggers. The soil was still quite wet today so by the time I was done, the bottoms of my sandals had an inch thick of mud. It was really hard to walk in them. But, I got the tall weeds out of my strawberry patch, so when it dries up a bit more I will get in there and fine tune the patch. Then it will be on to my raspberry bushes and then my service berry bushes and then just general weeding.

I didn't get as much work out in as I wanted to yesterday - I did 30 minutes of strenuous exercise. Weights. I will do that again today.

I'm proud of myself. The scale said 160 today - a week ago is said 170. I get depressed when I see 160 because I feel like I should be losing way faster than that - but I KNOW that isn't logical. And when I think that a week ago I was 170 - well - that's ten pounds - so I am losing - and quite fast I guess.

So, it's motivating because I can see success. Still can't get into my pre-pregnancy pants though.