Post-Partum Weight Loss

Support for Weight Loss after Childbirth

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This community is a support place for women who are attempting to lose weight after pregnancy. Heaven's knows I need to!

Let's lend an ear (or shall I say eye) and give all the support we can.

Any suggestions - please e-mail me.

It's a new community and a work in progress.

I am currently 7 weeks post partum and the scale hasn't budged from the time he was born so I am trying to be more diligent in my exercise and eating habits.

Some great links:

Fit Day - free site with journal, weight goals, chart trackers, food entry, activity entry etc.

Weight Commander Software is a shareware program that keeps track of you daily weight, gives great tips and lots of other stuff. On the website you can download it from are lists of calories for various restarants around the country. Check it out!

Another tip: if you are curious as the the nutritional value at various restarants - just search for the restarant (please someone tell me if I'm spelling restarant wrong) with Google or some other search engine - go to the official site and it very often has a list of all the food and the nutritional value of each. I find this helpful because I know what to choose for the day if I am in a situation where I need to eat fast food.

I learned a couple of things yesterday,

a. a fruit and yogurt parfait from McDonalds has the same calories as a soft serve icecream cone from McDonalds - they are both 130 calories.

b. the sauces that come with Chicken Nuggets average 60 calories each - that is almost the equivalant of an entire fruit yogurt parfait or a small soft serve icecream cone.

If you are extra hungry, it is better to double the patty on a burger than too eat fries or two small burgers (that would be my husband who always eats two burgers - I wish I could look as good as him and do that).

My point - size can be deceiving. Do your homework and know your enemies then, choose accordingly.

I believe preparation is important - planning ahead is important - goal setting is important.

Let's do this!!!